What Not To Do on The Night of a Full Moon

What Not To Do on The Night of a Full Moon

July 21, 2019

What to Avoid Doing During a Full Moon

Just like humans, the moon goes through phases but what may come to you as a surprise is that the moon’s phases have a huge affect on your mind, body and spirit. We recommend reading Moon Power for more info on this fascinating topic.

To put it into perspective, the moon’s energy moves the ocean tides in and out each and every day. It has powerful vibrations that can make you feel a certain way, but more importantly, its vibrations offer an abundance of healing properties and opportunities. And you guessed it - the full moon is one of the most powerful phases.

However, because the moon is so powerful when it is full, it can make you do some really silly things. Ask any teacher, health care professional or police officer and they’ll tell you that people do some pretty weird things on the night of a full moon.

So, before you walk into the next moon phase thinking it’ll do something magical for you, it’s important to know what not to do on the night of a full moon.

full moon in the distance with dark clouds

Don’t Make Rash Decisions

The full moon is so powerful that it can make you want to do things without fully thinking them through. During this phase, avoid making any quick decisions to ensure you avoid changing something or making a commitment that does not serve your greater good. Wait a couple of days until the energy of the moon settles and then enjoy the clear space and thoroughly think about making any major decisions.

Avoid Overreacting to Situations

If you’ve ever been around a group of people during a full moon, you know first hand how the moon makes people overreact to situations. It’s particularly why children seem to get zapped with hypersensitivity during the full moon.

So, before you make a huge reaction to something during this moon phase, take a moment to do a full moon meditation to calm yourself down. Emotions are intense during this time and failing to recognize your overreactions before they come out can be damaging to your relationships.

Refrain from Starting Something New

With the intense energy coming from the full moon, your pull to overreact and make rash decisions can create a combination for starting some new and potentially disastrous. Now, that’s not to say that everything “new” that occurs during the full moon is bad. However, starting something new during this time is a gamble, as it’s hard to determine whether this thing is for your greater good or the result of the heightened energies.

silhouette of girl with full moon in the background

Don’t Dwell in Negative Thoughts and Emotions

While it’s never recommended to stick with negativity in any way, regardless of the moon phase, it’s particularly important to pay attention to your thoughts and emotions during the full moon.

This is because during the full moon, negative thoughts and emotions can manifest into much more since the energy is so strong. It’s similar to saying positive affirmations – you say them every day and when you say it during the full moon, the affirmations trigger your mind, body and spirit 10x.

Now, switch the context and one negative thought each day won’t completely destroy your well-being, but during the full moon, that one negative thought can be 10 times stronger. So, bring awareness to your emotions and thoughts as the full moon approaches and weans out into the next phase, and correct them as needed. 


The full moon is a wonderful time for manifesting positive energy and for letting go of anything that no longer serves your greater good. However, if you aren’t careful, the energy can work against you. To ensure you continue on your journey towards Awakened Self, follow this list of things not to do on a full moon. Also, if you haven't done so already, we recommend reading about 5 things you should do on the night of a full moon.

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