What Does The New Moon Represent and How To Use It's Energy

What Does The New Moon Represent and How To Use It's Energy

August 11, 2019

The Symbolic Meaning of the New Moon and How to Harness its Energy

The New Moon is the ultimate phase for new beginnings – and the energy builds up two weeks prior and continues for two weeks; so if you missed the actual night, don’t worry. Just grab a piece of paper and pen, some healing crystals and a meditation track and you’re ready to go. Here’s everything you need to know about the new moon and how to use its powerful energy.

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What Does the New Moon Symbolize?

Put simply, the new moon is like a reset button for life. As the moon phase drifts into a new moon, a new lunar cycle begins which symbolizes new beginnings for everyone who follows astrology or who syncs their life with the lunar phases. This particular lunar phase has been used as a magical time for cultures across the world and for many centuries. Today, many people use this time to set new goals and new intentions, while also reflecting on the old ones that were achieved. 

What to Do on the New Moon?

Now that you know what the new moon symbolizes, it’s time to take advantage of its energetic vibrations. Here are some of our favorite new moon practices that will help you define a new moon ritual that serves your highest good. 

Set Clear Intentions

The first thing to do on the new moon is to set intentions. After all, this lunar phase is all about new beginnings and without new intentions, you won’t be capitalizing on the incredible opportunities and shifts that come during this time.

So, grab a piece of paper and pen and write down what you want to begin, achieve and see this month. Then, place it under your pillow for the next month and watch your intentions turn into reality. 

Choose a New Moon Affirmation

With a quick search online, you’ll be able to find an abundance of new moon affirmations. Sift through them and see which one pulls at your heartstrings – that is your new moon affirmation for this exact moment.

You can also create your own new moon affirmation. Typically, they go a little something like this – “Dear Universe, I am ready to accept and manifest new [enter your goals here]”. Yes, it’s that simple.

Do a New Moon Meditation

Any type of meditation will work wonders during any lunar phase but your meditation will be even better on the new moon if you do one specific for this time. Again, a quick search online and you’ll be able to find plenty of new moon meditations or you can create your own with the new moon affirmation you created in the previous step.

Clear Your Space

Don’t bring the old with you as you embark on this new lunar phase. The new moon symbolizes new beginnings and it’s important to make sure old, stagnant energy doesn’t stick around you disrupt your new goals.

You can clear your space in a variety of ways, such as visualizing a clear white light filling each room; asking your archangels to protect your home and fill it with light and love; using sage or Palo Santo (holy wood) to smudge your home, or a combination of the ones that call to you.

Enjoy the Moment

Lastly – and definitely most importantly, enjoy the new moon. Don’t think too much about the things to do on the new moon. Instead, focus on the very things that you feel called to do. That is when you’ll find the most power in this magical lunar phase.

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