Treat Depression and Anxiety with Aromatherapy Massage

Treat Depression and Anxiety with Aromatherapy Massage

March 03, 2019

The number of people suffering from depression is very alarming nowadays as it greatly affects both adults and children, regardless of their socioeconomic status. Based on the data presented by NIMH or National Institute of Mental Health, the number of adults that suffer from the serious and debilitating effects of different mental health illnesses in 2016 was around 44.7 million in the United States alone. Severe depression, when not treated properly and immediately, can render a suffering person incapacitated in all aspects of her or his life; even worse, it can even cause death by suicide. 

The Cost of Mental Health Illness

In 2010 alone, according to the World Economic Forum, based on the available data, the economic cost of mental illness has skyrocketed to $2.5 trillion, and that it is expected to balloon to up to $6 trillion by 2030.

Alternative Treatments: Aromatherapy Massage

If your mental health condition is already severe, it is a must that you get proper care from a licensed and competent psychiatrist or psychologist, otherwise, there are other more affordable treatments available that have been shown to improve the negative effects of this disease; one of which is massage therapy infused with essential oils. In this article, we will learn about some of the different essential oils that are great for improving our mental health through massage therapy.

Based on the studies done, massage therapy is effective in reducing the adverse symptoms of depression and anxiety and other physical illnesses such as pain, fatigue and stress. This article is not claiming that massage therapy can and will single-handedly cure all symptoms of depression and anxiety. However, there is evidence showing that with the combination of other medical treatments, it is a lot easier to fight off and cure the ill effects of this disease through alternative treatment such as aromatherapy massage.

Essential Oils That are Perfect for Massage Therapy

1. Hinoki Oil - Hinoki tree is native to Japan and considered endangered; that’s why we should be very mindful in using it productively and should not abuse it. Hinoki essential oil, when used in massage therapy, is believed to be very effective in improving the human mental and emotional state. Hinoki has healing properties that uplift, calm, and purify one's mood, consequently opening one’s mind to a new and fresh perspective on life.

2. Lavender Oil - It is one of the most common essential oils that we can use in aromatherapy massage because of its amazing healing properties, which are potent enough to calm our anxious minds. Lavender oil's sweet aroma is also great in inducing quality, deep sleep which is highly beneficial in treating insomnia. Aside from its antidepressant properties, it is also said to be very helpful in boosting and improving overall well-being.

3. Chamomile Oil - Chamomile oil is said to be extremely powerful in relieving stress and anxiety; thus, making it very potent in aromatherapy massage. Chamomile is especially effective when it is mixed with oils from citrus fruits like lemon, lime, grapefruit, as well as floral oils like ylang-ylang, jasmine, and lavender.

4. Orange Oil - The aroma of the orange fruit never fails someone to feel good when they peel it - and because of its fresh, sweet and zesty aroma, it is always certain that one’s mood will be easily enhanced and stimulated. If you want to do away with the traditional medication in treating your depression and anxiety, one of the best and yet simplest things that you can do is to have aromatherapy massage infused with orange essential oil because of its calming and antidepressant properties. When this oil is used, it can make your cortisol levels to go down, as well as your pulse rate, therefore reducing anxiety.

5. Frankincense Oil - The aroma of this oil is so potent that it is enough to uplift and enhance our mind, body, and soul, making it very useful in improving our mental health condition - especially when it is used in aromatherapy massage. One experiment performed by researchers from Johns Hopkins University and Hebrew University found that its aroma is good enough to alleviate the effects of depression and anxiety.


The combination of aromatherapy massage and essential oil does not promise to cure all underlying symptoms of depression and anxiety. What it does show, based on numerous studies, is that aromatherapy massage has a tremendous impact on improving and boosting the mental health of many people who experience it. If you are looking for another route to treat your mental health illness, this is a good option to consider trying. Ultimately, you will have to try and test different healing modalities to find what works for you. Life is a journey and we want to help you along the way.

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