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The Power of Meditation: 7 Surprising Benefits You Never Knew About

March 03, 2018

7 Surprising Benefits of Meditation

Despite the power of meditation only recently becoming mainstream within the modern-day world, it’s actually been around since ancient times. In fact, meditation has always held the secrets to optimal health for your mind, body and spirit, but it seems that over time, people forgot about the incredible power that comes from alternative medicine stemmed from traditional practices.

So, we’re taking a blast to the past to shine the light on some of the most powerful yet surprising benefits of meditation.

girl with flower crown laying down meditating

1. Reduces Anxiety

One of the most powerful benefits of meditation is its ability to reduce stress and anxiety. This is incredibly important, especially living in this modern world that seems to move faster than what most of us can keep up with. 

That’s also not to mention that the increase of mental illness is at an all-time high, and finding natural alternatives to expensive prescription medications that will effectively make you feel better is much needed. So, relax, breathe, and alleviate those anxious symptoms.

2. Makes you Happier

Yes! Meditation actually makes you happier. This benefit of meditating goes hand-in-hand with the prior; when you can manage stress and negativity better, you’re happier. It’s as simple as that.

pink flower emerging from water

3. Increases Pain Tolerance

One benefit of meditation that is often overlooked is its ability to increase pain tolerance. A study conducted on the pain modulation showed that people who meditate experienced a “significantly greater pain tolerance”. So, if you do various types of activities and sports, or simply feel more aches and pains than you used to, you can use meditation as a form of pain relief.  

4. Makes you Nicer

Meditation has the power to increase your neural activity which is related to empathy. So, the more you practice meditation, specifically compassion meditation, the nicer you become to both yourself and others.

5. Helps with Weight Loss

While the benefits of meditation go far beyond what meets the eye, weight loss is definitely one of the best benefits that you can actually see. What might surprise you though, is that this benefit doesn’t come from exerting energy and sweating up a storm.

Instead, it’s a result of maintaining optimal mental and emotional health and balance, which deters your craving for sweets and treats when you’re feeling emotional, bored, stressed, etc.   

girl in leotard kneeling down and meditating on the grass

6. Improves Memory

With regular meditation, you can actually improve your memory. Since the entire practice, in an essence, is about bringing attention to your mind, you’re able to improve cognitive functions. This has resulted in a reduction of forgetfulness. So if you find yourself constantly scatter-brained, try meditating!

7. Treats Various Health Concerns

Exercise is often the key to treating all types of health concerns, but what many people don’t realize is that you don’t have to run on a treadmill to receive those benefits. In fact, all you have to do is find a comfortable place to meditate.

Meditation has been linked to treating and reducing the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, sexual health concerns, and many other ailments.


Meditation has been around since ancient times, and as you can see, it’s about time the modern world placed importance on this traditional practice. Many of the benefits go beyond what meets the eye, as meditation is a workout for your mind, body and spirit. We highly recommend reading The Joy of Living to get a greater understanding of how beneficial meditation can be.

So, find a comfy place in your home, close your eyes and slip into the deep realm of self-awareness and relaxation to start reaping the surprising benefits of meditation.

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