Mantras, how to use mantras, how to choose a mantra, mala beads, mantras and mala beads, meditation,

How to Use Mantras to Improve Your Life

July 08, 2018

Mantras, how to use mantras, how to choose a mantra, mala beads, mantras and mala beads, meditation,

Improving your life can be as simple as making the choice to recite some mantras. As the saying goes, “mind over matter’, and reciting a certain sound, word or phrase is an excellent way to take full advantage of this theory. So, if you’re ready to improve your life today, switch your mood, or turn a bad day into a good one, mantras are exactly what you need. Here’s how you can get started.

What are Mantras?

Mantras are a sound, word or phrase you recite to help bring focus to your intention or to channel the type of energy that is going to help you achieve your goal. When combined with meditation, mantras are said to be one of the most powerful ways to quiet the mind and to reveal your inner thoughts, emotions, goals, intentions, etc.

However, you can use mantras whenever and wherever you are, whether it’s while you practice yoga, while you meditate or while you do nothing at all.

But how you ask? Keep reading.

How to use Mantras

Using mantras is as simple as choosing a sound, word or phrase several times. Some people choose to use mantras during meditation, others choose to recite their mantras as they move their fingers along a set of mala beads, and some like to recite their mantra whenever they need an extra boost. How and when you use your mantra is entirely up to you, as is the mantra you recite.

Although, this is where it gets a little tricky, as the key to using mantras to improve your life is to find one that makes you feel good.

For example, if you want to win the lottery (who doesn’t?), reciting “I will make $150,000 a year” is likely to leave you with more discouragement and anxiety than encouragement and positivity, especially if it’s an unrealistic goal. 

On the other hand, reciting “I will work hard each and every day to obtain ultimate success” is a significantly more powerful, positive and realistic mantra that will provide you with a hefty dose of encouragement to go after whatever it is you're seeking.

How to Choose a Mantra

There are no rules to choosing a mantra. However, there are rules to choosing a mantra that will positively impact your life. In fact, choosing the right mantra is the key. So, here are some tips that will help you find your mantra: 

Sanskrit vs. Modern

The first thing to decide is whether you want a traditional Sanskrit mantra or a more modern one. Perhaps you’re really big into yoga and meditation and prefer the traditional mantras or maybe you’re looking for a mantra that is straight-forward and right to the point. Either way, both are highly effective, but you must choose what speaks to you clearly. 
For example, “Sat Nam” translates to ‘I am the Truth”. Both of these are mantras, but one may appeal to you more than the other.

Think About Your Intention

The point of reciting a mantra is to bring forth your intention and to channel the energy you need to achieve it. So it’s important to think about what you want out of this process prior to choosing a mantra. Perhaps you want to earn more money this year, want to be more positive, want to eat a better diet, want to stop the way other people affect you, etc. For every situation you can think of, there is a mantra for you.

Trust your Gut

The last tip to finding the right mantra is to trust your gut. Many believe that a mantra should choose you, instead of you choosing the mantra. So, as you’re viewing a list of mantras that apply to your intention, focus on the ones that truly ignite a flame inside of you.

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