How to Unlock Your Spiritual Energy

How to Unlock Your Spiritual Energy

March 06, 2019

When a person begins a journey of spiritual self discovery, that journey often can be one of confusion of what spiritual energy actually is. While this confusion does play a role in one's education through trial and error, people often get blinded by the truth behind spiritual energy.


What is spiritual energy?

There are many forms of etheric energy, some are generated through ancient exercises such as Chi Gong or Tai Chi Chuan. Some generate it externally to then be focused within for deep levels of meditation through movement such as Yoga.

Hard style martial arts such as Karate & Boxing use physical exercise to generate energy through alignment of the human frame to achieve massive power. Spiritual energy, however, is very complex as the connection to it isn’t through physical movement, it is mental.

The word “spiritual” is defined as: Relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.” This wide open definition often will lead to the word itself being corrupted by what dominant energies are within the vessel that desires change and expansion. 

Personal Pitfalls

For instance, people will always want to be part of a group, a member. At many self help/new age seminars you may often meet people that stretch the truth a bit in regards to what they “feel” because they want to fit in and be a part of an experience.

If a teacher/guide is showing a technique to a person who desires change and to break out of the “norm” of everyday life, that person may create a spiritual experience rather than allow the experience to actually happen because of the desire to fit in. 

Now when I say this, I do not mean that the experience itself of going to a self help/new age event isn’t meaningful. It is, as it shows a huge commitment to wanting to shift an individual's reality and does move a person ahead by tapping into action energy and attending. But that is another example of action through physical movement like the exercises mentioned above. 

The tough aspect of tapping into spiritual energy is coming to it with the open mind of a child, a clean slate that can be written on by the cosmos instead of old accepted energies and demands. When an adult attends a conference they are doing so with immediate expectations.


They have already mentally written on the ol’ subconscious cosmic slate “desired outcome” and walk into the event with this (and other similar energies) attached. Many people attend spiritual/new age seminars because they have issues, or desire to shift certain events or experiences that seem to continually replay over and over in their lives.

So there is a stamp of expectation energy placed on any seminar well before a person even attends. This places the individual's inner imbalances higher than the experience of the unknown and the untold possibilities. If a person wants to tap into the unknown, they have to embrace the unknown and be free of this desire to want change, free of demand, free of the need to be a part of a team or group experience. 

Letting Go

There is no connection more special than the individual connection to your inner self, it is the only connection that truly matters. This connection is the secret behind creating change in the world that you experience, the world that you view from your conscious vessel.

If you walk into a seminar room free of desire to experience the cosmos, then you are truly ready for the cosmos. If twenty people then say  “Ohh, yes, teacher we are covered by rainbows! we see unicorns and fairies!!” and you don't behold this great glory, but instead you release the pains of an event that was bothering you because you came in free, then you have tapped into the power of spiritual energy.

You accomplished this by doing one thing that is key to your advancement : You let go before you ever came into the room.

Yes, letting go, the good old often overused, greatly overblown go-to phrase.  But in this instance, you let go of one energy to experience the unknown. 

Much like trying to put baby in a corner in the 80’s movie Dirty Dancing you cannot put spiritual energy in the corner. It has to be free to be poured into a formless, empty vessel. Take the time to discover the power of a clean slate. To do so can show you more than a mind can ever imagine.


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Guest post by Brian Collins, “The Rabid Monk”

©2019 Brian Collins

For 25 years Brian Collins “The Rabid Monk” owned award-winning healing studios in Boston's Back Bay, where he helped countless numbers of people get to where they want to go in life through his direct, no nonsense in your face approaches towards healing. His clients ranged from Hollywood stars, CEO’S , Single Moms, Dads, Dr’s, Lawyers, PhD’s, Award winning Chefs and more. Boston Magazine featured Brian numerous times and states: “Collins’ brand of spirituality and meditation—one worlds away from sitting cross-legged on a yoga cushion—is a welcome break for those tired of New Age-y jargon.”

Brian is now a part time online spiritual consultant and is currently working on an online learning program that highlights the no nonsense methods that he used in his practice and will be released spring of 2019.

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