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How to Remain Happy and Healthy During the Holidays

December 23, 2018

The holiday season can be stressful; it can even be downright unbearable and lonely for some people. From running around overly-crowded shopping centers to dealing with overwhelming family members, trying to buy gifts without breaking your budget, and dealing with the winter blues, Christmas can feel more crummy than it does cheery. But with the following tips, you can fill the holidays with happiness and optimal mental health.

  1. Go for Winter Walks

The weather outside may be frightful but it’s important to get outdoors even if it’s for 15 minutes or a short walk to the mailbox. Hibernating inside can take a toll on your mental health, as you’re not getting the fresh air and sunlight that your mind and body need to thrive. So, embrace the warmer winter days and go for a little walk when the weather isn’t so terrible.

  1. Start Every Morning with Meditation

The benefits of meditation go a long way and starting your day off with a little mental boost of positivity can certainly make the holiday experience more happy than hectic. There are some incredible apps for daily meditation, many of which don’t cost a dime, and all you need is a meditation cushion to get started.

  1. Enjoy the Festival Lights

Take a drive around town and enjoy the holiday displays your neighbors have put on for you. Something as simple as seeing sparks of light in the night sky can instantly give you a boost of happiness. It’s like sitting by a campfire or seeing fireworks – they never get old.

  1. Drink More H20

While eggnog is definitely delicious, it’s important to save some of your thirst for water. Proper hydration is key for the proper functioning of your mind, body, and spirit. So, if you’re feeling your mood dry up, drink up and rehydrate for an immediate increase in your overall wellbeing.

  1. Do Something Kind for a Stranger

‘Tis the season for giving but don’t let the giving stop with your friends and family. Spread the holiday cheer and let the world reciprocate. Not only will you feel amazing doing something nice for a complete stranger but putting out positive energy is certain to bring it back to you, full circle.

  1. Take Up a Holiday Hobby

When the holidays are filled with nothing but running around, it’s easy to lose sight of what the season is all about. So, make room in your schedule to enjoy holiday hobbies; go ice skating or play a hockey game on an outdoor rink with your family; go sledding or take a sleigh ride through the city. These little things can make a huge impact on how you feel about the holidays!

  1. Spread the Cheer

Finding the happiness of the season starts with you. Make it a goal to spread holiday cheer wherever you go, and the positive energy is certain to come back to you. Smile at strangers, donate to the less fortunate, help an elderly couple with their shopping bags, and volunteer at a local charity. Spreading the holiday cheer for others allows for holiday cheer to enter into your life as well.


Despite all of the Christmas songs singing about holiday cheer, the holiday season can be stressful. Fortunately, it’s nothing a little meditation can’t fix! Head on over to Awakened Self and treat yourself to a new Zafu meditation pillow made with kapok or buckwheat hulls.

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