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How to Choose the Right Meditation Cushion for your Practice

August 19, 2018

The key to harnessing the benefits of meditation is to be comfortable. It can be near impossible to slip into that deep realm of relaxation if your buttocks are aching or if you simply don’t feel your utmost best.

Meditation pillows allow you to find comfort whenever and wherever you are, regardless of your age, fitness level or meditation expertise. They can also give you an extra boost in height that can alleviate stress on your body if flexibility isn’t your forte, while also allowing you to work on your posture and strengthen your meditation practice. But which meditation cushion should you choose? Let’s find out.

The Flat Zabuton Meditation Pillow

A zabuton meditation cushion is best described as a mini-futon for your meditation practice. It’s a rectangular, flat, wide cushion that is designed to add an extra dose of comfort for your feet, knees and ankle bones while sitting in a meditation pose. Since most meditation is done on the floor to reap the benefits of being grounded, zabuton meditation pillows basically add a comfy level in between the hard surface and your body. They’re often used with Zafu cushions which leads us into the next type of meditation pillow…

The Ethereal Zafu Meditation Pillow for an Elevated Pelvis and Extra Comfort

Zafu meditation pillows are often used in combination with zabuton cushions. You place them on top of the flat zabuton cushion, sit on top of the zafu pillow crossed-legged and let your knees droop downwards into the soft pillow below.
However, you can use the Zafu pillow on its own as well and still reap the benefits.

The only difference is that you won’t have extra cushioning for your knees, so if this is a concern of yours, you may want to use the two meditation pillows together.
Either way, you will get a nice, elevated pelvis that gives you a deep stretch and opening throughout your meditation practice.

As a bonus, zafu meditation pillows are great for dubbing as makeshift pillows.
(Zen meditation pillows are also similar in height to zafus, only they’re a rectangular shape instead of a circle).

The Ethereal Round Meditation Pillow for Extra Back Support

Prop yourself up slightly higher with our ethereal round meditation cushion. It’s approximately 11” in height, and 7 “ in width, and sits you high enough that you’re comfortable and sturdy, but low enough that you still feel grounded throughout your meditation practice. As such, it's a great meditation cushion for extra back support.

The V-Shape Cosmic Meditation Cushions for Extra Support

If you’re in need of some extra support, our Cosmic meditation cushion is definitely an excellent choice. V-shape meditation cushions are designed to support your thighs and pelvis all at once. It is often recommended for people who are taller, less flexible or who have problems with their lower back or knees.

The Cosmic meditation cushion is also incredibly versatile, as it can be placed on a chair as well. So, you can start with it on the chair, and as your posture and flexibility improve, you can slowly transition down to the floor.

As a bonus, these v-shaped meditation pillows are great at keeping your legs from falling asleep. So, use them in your office chair, cross your legs and channel some zen and comfort at work.

Meditation pillows are a great way to add some more comfort into your meditation practice, while also providing you with support and stability where needed. It’s highly crucial to sit on them correctly to ensure proper spinal alignment, which depends on the type of meditation pillow you use.

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