Growth - A Concept, A Mindset, A Journey

Growth - A Concept, A Mindset, A Journey

February 10, 2019 6 Comments

The big theme for me this year, from my Guides and Ancestors, has been Growth. 

Even the Universe is screaming about growth, we have Jupiter in Sagittarius all year; pushing us to explore truth (the ones we know as well as the ones we don’t!) and not to remain ignorant. 

This powerful alignment takes us beyond our comfort zones, but you can’t grow if you stay in the same place.

When I was invited to write this guest blog, I figured this would be my topic to discuss. (which my Guides immediately confirmed in a myriad of ways)

Growth means change, which is something that many of us fear.
Even I catch myself fighting it sometimes, and I have to stop, meditate and let the energy do its thing. (You would think, as a Reiki Master working on a Ministerial program, who has spent almost two decades focusing on energy work that it would be easy to accept change and go with the flow. Sometimes it is…)

It’s easy when the changes are small, or you’re low, feel stuck, or the end goal is clearly in sight. But what about all the many situations in which this isn’t the case?

Change can be painful, and oftentimes it requires us to work on parts of ourselves or our lives that we would rather ignore. It’s about putting the right pieces together, with the wisdom of the Universe, to create a different picture for our lives.

Allow me to take a few moments now, and share a little about myself, my journey and how it is I came to write this blog.

I have always enjoyed teaching and writing, but it was only in the last two years or so that things fell into place. Last month I began blogging, choosing to really have a true platform to express myself, on my own terms.

Up until this past Fall, I have always worked for someone else, written what other people wanted (I teach Part Time at a Medical Training School, as does my husband, and we write a lot of material for them) or taught in someone else’s shop/facility.

Then the Universe began to pull me in a new direction, bringing me to something new, something deeper.

For several years I had been teaching Reiki at my friend’s Pagan shop until she sold it in February, leaving me with nowhere to do so. After feeling like the ground had been pulled completely out from under my feet, having a pity party and crying, I decided to grab my bootstraps and get back up.

Lighting a candle to summon the Ancestors, asking for a sign (which they all too happily gave me within the week) my husband and myself moved my Reiki/Spiritual Practice to our home. Now I teach at the convenience of my students, offering workshops and classes as people ask for them.

The hospital, where I loved working, got bought out & suddenly became a prison to me. It was my only source of real income; the thought of leaving was terrifying.

I appealed to my Ancestors once more.

The next week my husband got a huge promotion at work. Just like that my income was no longer a necessity, I quit (which was immediately freeing) and took my last paycheck and secured myself a domain name, bought books on blogging and got business cards.

My one-year business anniversary gift to myself was to finally take that next step; expand and start blogging about my life and the things I have learned (most of which were the hard way). And here we are now, me writing this guest blog about growth, and you reading it.

The big question though is “How do we grow, become something better & make the most of our potential?”

It begins with forgiveness.

“Forgive but never forget” is a lesson that the Universe and my Higher Powers have struck me with repeatedly in my life. (I call the hard lessons “Cosmic Clue-by-Fours”)

Choosing not to forgive someone, and forgiving isn’t always easy to do, is like choosing to drink poison and expecting the other person to suffer; life just doesn’t work that way.

I had to forgive all the people who had used me, abused me, took advantage of my talents and knowledge, and all those who had broken deals with me.
It seems like I spent most of last year getting let down, one broken business deal after another.

However, forgetting what they did to you just opens you to letting them do it again.
(the silver lining is that everything I have done, I have done for and by myself, it is truly mine and no one else’s)

Balance is a big part of this, within yourself as well as with the Universe.
Between what you want, what you need, and what your higher powers have in store for you.

It’s about meditating, a topic you hear about a lot I’m sure, but that’s because of how important it truly is.

Meditating is what allows us to open up to the Universe and our Guides, to receive that wisdom they desperately want to share. This is the time when we focus on raising our vibration, opening up to the cosmos.

When we allow this to happen it gives us time to confront the pieces of our lives, and wisely decide what to keep, what to put aside for later, and what bits to discard altogether.

Meditation, in this sense, is the opportunity to make space in your life for the things that will allow you to grow.

Like a Phoenix, rising from its own ashes, we rise new and refreshed, a new purpose instilled in us.

Meditating regularly allows you to keep your vibration high and keeps you aligned with the Universe.

Higher vibrations keep you focused on your true purpose, helping you clear the roadblocks from your path.

It also maintains your energy as clear, balanced and healthy (and where your energy goes, so too your body follows)

It’s easy to manifest what you want, but it takes upkeep and devotion to regular meditation to keep a state of balance and to know what the Universe has is mind for you.

But when you put this time aside, to focus on and better yourself, it puts you in a place to spread healing and cope with the world and make it a better place for everyone around you as well!


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~John William

6 Responses


March 02, 2019

Great insight well written! It’s a personal journey which can be scary at first. When you decide to let go of the mindset that binds you to your personal misery the path is well lit and it is beautiful! :)


February 11, 2019

So insightful and truthful. This is bound to be a light for others when looking for signs in reaffirmation of their own growth path and spiritual/life journey

Christine Marie Therriault-Merkel
Christine Marie Therriault-Merkel

February 10, 2019

There’s so much truth in this article – which reminds me how important getting back on track really is.


February 10, 2019

Very insightful and motivating. Little changes can add up to a bigger change. Thank you for all you do!

Michelle Zellmer
Michelle Zellmer

February 10, 2019

Very relatable. My words are “let go”. It is more than forgiving for me, it’s absorbing the entirety of a situation to fully understand and accept, good and painful, then let it go. It’s a lesson we all are taught whether we want it or not. My meditation skills are rusty at best but I really appreciate you speaking so honestly about your journey. Loved it!


February 10, 2019

Well said! I’m very proud of you for taking the steps you needed to grow!
Love you!

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