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Full Moon Rituals: 5 Things To Do on a Full Moon

July 14, 2019

5 Rituals to Practice During a Full Moon

As the moon shifts through it’s different phases and comes to a full circle, the opportunity to release and let go of what no longer serves your greater good begins. The full moon’s high vibrations make it the perfect time to plant new seeds of intention and manifest the things that you need to live the greatest, fullest life for the next 28-30 days, or until the next full moon.

But like many people, you may stop to admire the moon, but never truly indulge in the healing properties and opportunities that come from it. So, we’ve created a list of full moon activities for you to do so you can fully utilize its power. We also recommend you read Moon Power which contains a ton of info on this topic.

full moon

Full Moon Meditation

Meditation during a full moon is one of the best full moon rituals you can do – and you don’t need anything other than yourself and a quiet place. Well, and the full moon, of course. A guided full moon meditation track will also help if you’re new to the experience.

Meditating on the night of a full moon allows your mind, body and spirit to receive the massive amount of energy that the moon emits during this special phase. It helps you clear your being, so you can find your one true self.

Dance The Night Away

Perhaps you aren’t a meditating-type (a lot of people are, so you should really give it a try!). In the meantime, you can use the full moon’s ability to release and let go of the things that are no longer serving your greater good in other ways, such as dance. Doing so allows your body to loosen up so that it can receive all the moon’s energy that is needed to captivate this powerful phase.

Burn Paper

Anything that involves the four elements – earth, water, fire and air - is great for a full moon ritual. Now, before you start lighting things on fire that remind you of harder times, that’s not the healthy way of going about this full moon ritual.

Instead, write down the things – people, places, things, memories, words, moments, etc. that you are ready to cut ties with. Then, burn that piece of paper.

The really unique thing is that you’ll notice that your paper will burn differently depending on what you write on it and where you are in your life. For example, one night you may write down something you are really ready to let go of and – POOF – your paper will light up and eliminate into ashes immediately.

paper on fire

Other full moons, you may write down what you want to get rid of but aren’t really prepared for, and you’ll notice that the paper burns slowly and sometimes, it stops burning entirely. For those full moons, take time to talk yourself through the release and remind yourself of why you’re letting go of them. 

Charge Your Healing Crystals

The moon’s energy has the power to charge much more than you, and your healing crystals are a perfect example. Crystals become clouded as you use them, as they remove the energy from your mind, body, spirit and space. It’s important to recharge them in the moonlight to release any lingering energy so that they’ll be ready and revitalized for you to use the next time you need to do so. 

Cleanse the Space

Unlike the new moon, which is all about setting new intentions, the full moon is the perfect time to let go of things; to release what is no longer serving you. And while there are many ways to remove things from your mind, body and spirit, many people forget about the energy that remains within their surroundings. So, as you wrap up your full moon ritual, don’t forget to burn some sage and shift it into the corners of your home to ensure that your living space is ready for the new phase. 


The full moon is the Universe inviting you to take a pause and to reflect on what your mind, body and spirit needs – and doesn’t need as you prepare for the next phase. With these full moon activities, you’ll be prepared to conquer every 28-30 days with new intentions and manifestations.

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