Astral Projections: A Mind Trip to Self Awareness

Astral Projections: A Mind Trip to Self Awareness

July 29, 2018

The topic of astral projection is a subject just as fascinating as it is delicate; it must be treated with proper attention and the right dose of sensitivity.

astral projection

Today, there are many theories that gravitate around this topic, and behind us, we have a thriving yogic literature that speaks to us. Some define astral projections as a middle ground between dreams and reality, while others emphasize their danger. Some even deny the possibility of coming out of them alive.

But what exactly are these famous "astral travels/projections"? What are their origins? How do they manifest? We're here to dive in deep to uncover these truths.

 A Little Bit of History

Astral travel is by no means a recent discovery from the past few decades, but rather, dates back almost to the origin of the human species. Discovered and experimented by the shamans in India and Mexico, it is difficult to track back to a historical date because there are no documents of these first experiences.

What is certain is that the Indians, precisely the Huicholes, used a hallucinogenic plant since ancient times -  a cactus called Peyote. This plant helped people have visions during holy and religious feasts.

Over the years, Peyote has been increasingly used as a sacred and almost magical substance, eventually losing its religious undertones. Eventually it became commonly used in solitude with the aim of "discovering oneself." Even now, this succulent cactus without thorns is still circulating in the United States and is used to relax the body and mind during psychoanalysis, or during meditation.

What is Astral Travel?

Astral travel is the conscious exit of the individual from the physical body, using the astral body as a vehicle, this phenomenon is also called "doubling." Your consciousness is essentially disconnecting from your physical body.

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But Why is it Called Astral Travel?

Travel: it is an experience comparable to a journey, which can be to the other side of the world, or to the room next to which we find ourselves.

 Astral: this word derives from "stars", handed down to us by the medieval alchemists, it refers to the luminous appearance of matter belonging to the astral plane.

But this word can be misleading, making us imagine astral travel as journeys among the stars ... Absolutely not like that!

Astral comes from the astral plane, the latter is an intangible dimension that goes beyond the five senses of the human being. It is a world that is not perceived by man in a state of a daily vigil that we could call "normal".

But the fact that it is not perceived does not mean that the human being is not constantly immersed in it. Astral matter is much subtler than physical matter, and therefore goes to fill the spaces between one atom and another of physical matter. This means that everything around us is impregnated with astral matter, but to really get in touch with it, we must be immersed under certain conditions.

Why Do We Have Astral Projections? What’s the Purpose?

At its most extreme, the purpose of an astral journey is to prepare the individual at the time of his/her death for the final journey. In our society, there is a widespread feeling of fear about death, and it is seen as a dramatic event that keeps us away from loved ones forever ... there is nothing more (seemingly) terrible!

It is not so in the East: for the Buddhist religion, death is nothing but a passage of the soul from a physical body to the full astral body.

The astral journey is defined as "little death" because it is a "taste" of what will happen to us after the physical body is declared clinically dead. Having said that, not everyone experiences the splitting experience when alive, and it is certainly not a small thing!

Those who have tried it in life will simply be more "trained" and will not find themselves displaced in managing the astral part of themselves.

astral projection

Signs of an Astral Journey

Each of us experiences different out-of-body experiences, but we can identify some common symptoms. Among them, as the astral travel expert William Buhlman suggests, the typical sensation of half-sleep is to fall on deaf ears, followed by an abrupt awakening.

In some cases, you may happen to feel sucked into an invisible force, a sensation slightly different from the fall into a void, but just as intense. Everything is, in those moments, characterized by choosing whether to continue or be intimidated by such feelings, to pull back.

It often happens because the emotion is strong, as well as the fear of moving away and losing oneself. But it is precisely letting go that it becomes possible to take the next step. Other characteristic symptoms are strong vibrations throughout the body, as well as paralysis.

How To

The recommended techniques for inducing OBE (out-of-body experiences) are truly innumerable; including yoga, meditation and deep relaxation. However useful and effective these methods are according to those who have experienced them, we believe that each of us must identify our own way to experience OBEs, which could, for example, reconcile different techniques or revisit them in an unusual way.

In any case, it is usually advised to lie down in bed, relax completely, but avoid falling asleep. To avoid sleeping, there are those who suggest the repetition technique, which consists of repeating targeted phrases. For example, "Now I make an astral journey", "Now I leave the body" and so on.

Alternatively, there is the technique of sound that consists of placing the attention on the noise that we can all hear in complete silence, concentrating to gradually increase its intensity. It's a noise difficult to describe because it probably varies slightly from person to person, but white noise would be an example.

In any case, we believe that the hardest part for those who want to experience the OBE, is the initial fear. This can be overcome by becoming aware of what is happening, and learning to gradually let yourself go.


When it comes to astral travel, it is essential not to resist the force that seems to suck, or the void in which we believe we will fall. If we overcome this fear, the experience will take place and slowly other opportunities will arise, ever more vivid and conscious.

If you look for the existential answers that men have set themselves towards from the beginning of time, astral travel is perhaps the most direct instrument to have these answers and move on to a higher level of awareness, obviously without forgetting the fun and fulfilling aspect that this type of experience can give us.

Astral projection changes your life for the better because it gives you the confidence and awareness that we continue to live after the death of the physical body.

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