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7 Healing Stones for New Beginnings

December 16, 2018

Every morning presents the opportunity to make a difference and with the new year fast approaching, there’s no better time to set yourself up for success. Healing stones are amazing pieces of earth that offer a vast array of healing properties into your life. So, before the new year arrives, make sure you have these healing stones for new beginnings in your collection.

Amazonite for Making Positive Life Changes

An incredible healing stone that is just as beautiful as it is powerful, is Amazonite. It’s a stunning healing crystal that can be found in green and blue hues, and it is excellent for eliminating any woes from the past. Amazonite is commonly used to encourage positive life changes and as an aid towards finding a new path.

Labradorite for Personal Growth

Similar to the prior, Labradorite healing crystals are used as guidance through major life transitions. These healing stones almost always shine holographic colors, and it’s often hailed as being an exceptionally magical stone. Many use Labradorite to encourage personal growth, particularly when making important changes.

Tigers Eye for a Boost of Self Confidence

New beginnings can be intimidating, especially if you’re embarking on a new journey on your own. Having tiger’s eye healing crystals will come to you as a significant benefit, as it’s commonly used to boost self-confidence, release fear and to help people step out of their comfort zone. Tiger’s eye is the perfect stone for letting out your roar.

Celestite to Navigate Through New Chapters

New beginnings are certain to open many new chapters and Celestite healing crystals will help you navigate through each new page. This clear crystal shines a blue hue that is calming and soothing as it supports you in making a new start.

Moonstone for New Starts

Another popular healing crystal that’s commonly used for new beginnings is Moonstone. It’s a lunar crystal that can light the path to your unknown destination. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel and with this stone, you won’t be navigating through the dark along the way.

Moonstone is also a great stone that brings forth your hopes and wishes, and it is commonly used to calm emotions and remove negativity blocks from all of your chakras.

White Howlite for Clearing Away Obstacles

All new beginnings come with some hurdles; it’s part of the growing process. However, white howlite healing crystals help clear away unnecessary obstacles, so you can focus on your goal. These stones are also commonly used to help clear out negative thoughts and emotions, which allows you to go towards your goal with nothing but positive energy and ambition.

Rose Quarts for Unconditional Self Love

You’re likely embarking on this new start for yourself and Rose Quartz should certainly join you along the way. This healing crystal helps bring forth unconditional self-love while also clearing the way for good things to occur in your life. The pink hue of this sparkling healing stone also makes it a beautiful stone to wear around your neck, whether as a set of mala beads or a simple crystal necklace.


New year, new you! Healing stones can be used in many ways – from mala beads to tumble stones, worry stones and more. So, head on over to Awakened Self to discover new ways to bring happiness and wellbeing into the new year.

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