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5 Natural Steps to a Better Sleep at Night

May 05, 2018

The only thing worse than having a bad night's sleep is consistently having bad sleep! Unfortunately, this is something many people can relate to. With the stress of living in today’s world, shutting down your thoughts at night so that you can finally get some well-needed rest and relaxation, can often seem impossible. The good news? You don’t have to take expensive, harmful prescription medications just to be able to sleep at night. All you have to do is change up your nighttime habits and here’s how you can do just that.

Diffuse Essential Oils Throughout the Night

Essential oils have been one of the best natural remedies for pretty much everything in life, for centuries. However, only recently has this “secret” become more mainstream – and it’s about time.natural sleep aids, how to sleep better, how to get a better sleep, best essential oils for sleep, best essential oil diffusers for sleep, steps to a better sleep, night time meditation, meditating at night, meditation, wellness, mindfulness,

There are many essential oils that work as natural sleep aids, such as lavender, valerian, clary sage, chamomile, bergamot, and so many more. You can rub these essential oils on your temples or spray them on your pillow, but we recommend filling the entire bedroom with the calming aromas to enhance your sleep, which you can do with an essential oil diffuser.

However, you have to be careful with the type of essential oil diffuser you use, as some heat the oil which decreases its power. Make sure your diffuser uses cold water with a motor that doesn’t heat over time.


Add More Lavender into Your Life

Speaking of essential oils, lavender is everything. This essential oil is amazing for calming the nervous system, so you can finally put your thoughts to rest and get some sleep. There have even been studies that link the use of lavender to better sleep quality.  So, if nothing else, use more lavender; put a lavender sachet under your pillow; spray your pillows with a lavender spray; diffuse lavender essential oils; add a couple of drops of lavender into your nightly bath. Whatever you do, add more lavender into your life for a better sleep at night. 

Ease Your Thoughts with Nightly Meditation

If you find you are having difficulties sleeping at night because of thoughts racing through your mind, adding meditation into your daily regime will certainly help. We recommend meditating at night, but any type of meditation at any time during the day will prove to be beneficial for your sleep.

But how, you ask?

Meditation calms your mind, body and spirit, allowing all tensions, negativity and stress to subside, so you can finally get some shuteye.  

Unplug All Technology Before Bed

Like you, we also like scrolling through our social media feeds and binge-watching the latest Netflix series before bed. Unfortunately, doing just that is absolutely horrible for your good-sleep aspirations. Although you may just be lying in bed while enjoying technology, the devices are still stimulating your brain and essentially, keeping your mind awake. The blue light emitted by screens inhibits our pineal gland from producing melatonin, which is an important for regulating a natural sleep cycle. So, try to unplug at least one hour before bed – two if possible (this is a great time to get your meditation in). 

Have a Cup of Herbal Tea

Chamomile tea is often dubbed as the tea for sleep, as it’s a mild tranquilizer that naturally induces sleep.  Unfortunately, herbal tea doesn’t always sound very tasty, but don’t be mistaken – they work amazingly well as natural sleep aids and are worth it. Plus, you can always add in a couple drops of honey or natural maple syrup to make any herbal tea absolutely delicious. So enjoy a warm cup of chamomile approximately 30 minutes prior to bed and you’ll be getting all the Z’s you need to thrive the next day.


A bad night’s rest is often associated with intruding thoughts, but with daily mindfulness and wellness, you can finally get a restful night’s sleep. Head on over to Awakened Self to start your inner journey towards a better life – day and night.

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