3 Ways to Ground Yourself This Spring

3 Ways to Ground Yourself This Spring

April 17, 2019

3 Ways to Get Grounded During the Spring Season

It’s Spring again, a time of freshness and light. The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing and many of us are sneezing and sniffling from all of that pollen in the air. With each new season comes a new vibe and energy - a new cycle.

For some, Spring can seem like a hectic time and many may have already lost touch with the resolutions they made at the beginning of the year. It’s important for us to get grounded so that we can remain focused and energized to live our best lives.

To help you pick up some momentum, we are providing you with three ways to get grounded this Spring season.

Spring Cleaning

One of the best ways to get grounded and focused is to do some Spring cleaning. Being organized and reducing clutter in your living space helps to also reduce the amount of clutter and noise in your mind. It’s amazing how much better you can feel simply by throwing away old artifacts and belongings, dusting and sweeping the floors, and reorganizing some furniture. We recommend reading Decluttering at the Speed of Life if you have a hard time getting rid of things.

spring cleaning

You probably also have a ton of clothes you never wear, so it might be worth giving away those clothes to those in need. With your new space being clean and decluttered, you’ll have more motivation to take on other important tasks. So what are you waiting for? Get together those cleaning supplies and get your home tidied up.

Time in Nature

There’s no better way to clear your mind and get in touch with your inner voice than to spend time in nature. In the modern world of technology and long work hours, we’ve lost touch with the beauty of nature. Plenty of studies have shown the profound therapeutic effects that nature has on us. Being in nature, without the distractions of your phone or TV, helps to unlock your spiritual energy and release all kinds of tensions and anxieties.

orange flowers in spring

When in nature, we also usually incorporate some form of physical activity, since we are usually required to walk or hike. The combination of a natural setting and the physical activity of our bodies provide tremendous health benefits. In addition, the weather is usually really nice during the Spring, so take advantage of the sun and spend some time in nature during the next few months.

Spa Day

If you’re looking for a more passive alternative to the first two options listed above, kicking back and going to the spa is a great way to get grounded. Whether you decide to get a massage or spend some time in the sauna, a spa day can really help you unwind and get in touch with all of your emotions in a healthy and positive way.

spa with massage tables and view of the ocean

It’s important to treat ourselves every once in a while to some of these pleasures, so maybe it’s time for you to book an appointment at your local spa to help you get grounded this Spring.


We hoped you enjoyed reading these three ways to get grounded during the Spring. Remember that with all of the responsibilities and obligations we have in life, it is extremely important to remain grounded, invigorated, energized and focused. We need to take time to nourish our spirits and get in touch with what we really want in life. Take some time this Spring to do just that, and we guarantee you’ll be happy you did.

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