3 Ways to Add Joy Into Your Life

3 Ways to Add Joy Into Your Life

April 21, 2019

3 Ways to Have More Joy in Your Life

The world is a busy place nowadays. We have numerous obligations and commitments, which often results in pent up stress and repressed negative emotions.

Work, family, health and personal finances all require an abundant amount of our time and energy. Life can feel overwhelming sometimes (or all of the time). If we want to live spiritually sound lives of joy and contentment, we have to take time to unwind and have fun.

This is why we’re bringing you this article that will show you 3 ways to add joy into your life.


There’s no doubt about it - play is essential for cultivating joy in our lives. Having a playful nature is inherent to human beings. If we think back to when we were children, our natural inclination was to play with other kids, with our family, with pets, and in nature.

kid playing on the grass with arms spread out like a plane

Somewhere along the way, most people lose touch with their innate playfulness. As we grow up, we suppress our natural inclinations in order to fit in and conform to societal norms. The stresses of daily life start to take their toll on us, and before we know it, we have completely lost touch with the joyfulness of playing.

When was the last time you played a board game or sport?

When was the last time you experienced being fully alive and in the moment while playing with other people?

If it’s been awhile, maybe it’s time for you to join a club or community that centers around some form of play. This could be a sports league, a board game club, improv theater, etc. It could also be something more simple, like organizing games and festivities with family and friends. If you want to add more joy into your life, take time aside to play.


Laughing can be a visceral experience that really gets us in touch with our spirits. It unlocks all kinds of positive emotions and feelings, and has even been shown in many studies to increase our well being and life expectancy.

While we may get caught up ruminating over all the things we have to complete and accomplish in our lives, it’s important to appreciate the simple silly things in life. Some people are so caught up in negative emotions that they forget how to laugh.

woman with white shirt and red pants laughing with her hands holding her knees

If you don’t find yourself laughing on a regular basis, it may be a good idea to watch stand up comedy specials on Netflix, or find a show or YouTube channel you find funny. Try to surround yourself with funny individuals, and work on alleviating past traumas through meditation, spending time in nature, and practicing gratitude.


Being of service to others is the highest reward in life. By giving to others, we open ourselves up to receive. The more we give, the more we receive. In this case, by being of service to others, we receive joy and happiness.

As humans on this planet, we are all intrinsically connected. It is imperative that we look out for one another and help those in need. There are many ways we can be of service to others: participating in community service programs, donating old clothes or spare change, taking up a profession that involves serving others (i.e healthcare industry), offering advice to a friend in need, etc.

people putting their hands in a pile as a form of teamwork for community service

The more you take time to help others and lift them up, you will notice greater amounts of joy and happiness arising from within you. It feeds into a cycle of positivity that gains more and more momentum the longer you do it. So go into the world today and think of one nice thing you can do for someone else to make their day a little bit brighter.


We hope you enjoyed reading this article. We know life can be extremely challenging, and it can seem that there is nothing to be joyful about. Simple things such as playing, laughing, and serving others can bring about tremendous amounts of joy and happiness.

You don’t need a shiny car or a huge mansion to be happy, in fact, these things will not bring you sustained joy and inner peace. Take the time to focus on internal wealth, and the rest will take care of itself naturally.

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