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20 Affirmations for the New Year and New Beginnings

January 20, 2019

Every time the sun rises, you’re given a new start. But there’s no denying that something magical happens when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. There’s something about it being the start of a new year that makes it the perfect time to embrace new beginnings.

Although the new year has already begun, it’s important to keep those good vibes flowing throughout the year and that’s exactly what these positive affirmations for new beginnings will do!

affirmations, new beginnings, inspirational quotes, quotes for new beginnings, quotes for fresh starts, quotes for new year, new year affirmations, fresh start affirmations, new beginnings affirmations,

  1. This year, I choose a path of happiness and wellness.
  2. I am positive beyond limitations.
  3. I am deserving.  
  4. I will unlock new possibilities by being open to new beginnings.
  5. I can clearly see the blessings around me.
  6. “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” - C.S. LEWIS
  7. I am filled with joy, enthusiasm, and life.
  8. I control my own thoughts.
  9. Every day is a blessing.
  10. Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.
  11. Last year’s mistakes are released; I hold onto only the valuable lessons from them.
  12. No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again.
  13. I am more aware of what I want, and how to get it.
  14. This year is my year.
  15. Powerful changes are happening; I welcome and embrace them.  
  16. With passion and joy, I am creating my own future.   
  17. I cannot fail as long as I try.
  18. I am open to the mystery and magic that new beginnings bring.
  19. I am willing to try new things.
  20. New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings. - Buddha


How to use Affirmations for New Beginnings?

Grab your meditation pillow and find a quiet place because we are going to teach you how to use affirmations for new beginnings. Using affirmations for anything you want in life is actually quite easy. It’s so easy you’ll be wondering why you didn’t start doing this earlier.

All you have to do is complete these easy steps:

  1. Find a quiet place on a meditation pillow or comfy cushion
  2. Take three deep, slow breaths paying attention to each inhale and exhale
  3. Choose an affirmation for the day; something you wish to achieve or manifest
  4. Say your affirmation out loud, slowly and clearly
  5. Repeat your affirmation three to five times at least once a day
  6. Each time you repeat your affirmation, focus on the meaning of each and every word
  7. Take three deep, slow breaths and allow your body to absorb the positive energy of the affirmation


Benefits of Using Affirmations

The benefits of using affirmations is pure power. With every affirmation you speak, you are welcoming the same energy into your space. For example, if you are repeating affirmations for finding love in the new year, you are opening up your mind, body and spirit to receiving just that.

However, there are many additional benefits of affirmations that are often overlooked. Some of our favorites include:

  • Increased ability to solve problems
  • Increased awareness of your thought processes
  • Enhanced self-knowledge and self-awareness
  • Increase feelings of gratitude (and all the benefits of it)
  • Ability to see the bright side to everything
  • Less irritability
  • Less anxiety
  • Improved cardiovascular health

… And that’s only to name a few! To sum it up, using affirmations for new beginnings (or for anything) transforms your entire life simply by swapping out the bad energies for the ones you want and that you need to achieve your goals.



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